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We produce raw, unprocessed Australian honey. All our honey is cold extracted bringing you only the goodness that the bees deliver.

Based on the Gold Coast, Australia we offer honey from local bush and surrounding farm orchards, providing an array of exciting natural flavours.

Honey can be purchased every Saturday from 07:00 to 12:00 at the Burleigh Market located at the Burleigh Heads State School

Looking to save and reduce your environmental footprint? Bring your own jar for a discounted, freshly extracted refill.

East Coast Bee Services also delivers wholesale bulk, raw honey to hotels & restaurants.

Missed out at the Markets? Give me a call to collect your honey directly from us in Tallai.

I take pride in delivery pure, clean, high grade bees wax. My wax is extracted and filtered multiple times to provide high quality bees wax for candle making, surf board wax and even cosmetics

I have built a reputation for providing a speciliast apiarist capable of removing bees from trees, buildings, roofs and even the odd chair or sofa. Before calling in an exterminator give me a call to remove your bees and associated hive.

Using heat map technology I am able to survey your walls prior to commencing anywork, thus minimising the extent of post remedial work required.

Exterminating Bees

Before calling a bee exterminator you may well want to consider the fact that bees can be quickly and effectively removed alive without the need for harmful poisons or the needless extermination of these essential little creatures essential for pollination

Swarm Removal and Bee Relocation

Swarming is an essential part of the natural life cycle of honeybees. When a particular bee colony becomes too large for its existing hive, the swarm divides and seeks out a new residence. During this time you may find a mass of bees buzzing widely about, or clumped heavily on structures such as trees, fences, or tree branches.

Whilst the sight may seem rather unnerving, swarming bees are not apt to be dangerous, rather the bees are more docile than normal. The swarm may be present anywhere from a few hours to a number of days until they can find a new home

If you come across a swarm of honey bees, don’t panic. Give us a call and we will collect the bees and carefully transport them to a new, safe location where we can set them up in a new hive. Please consider the following precautions

  1. Keep children and pets away from the bees
  2. Keep doors and windows closed until the bees have clustered
  3. If you do go outside ensure you are wearing closed shoes
  4. Do not provoke, poke or attempt to chase away the bees, if left alone they will calmly cluster. If aggravated they will sting in defence

Hive Removal

Bees often nest in a sheltered, darkened enclosure. Typically you may find them in house walls, roof eaves, attics, outdoors in tree hollows or sheds.

Rather than killing the bees we will safely remove the entire swarm.

Gaining access to a hive may at times be difficult; however we do enjoy a challenge and have been known to have removed bees from some pretty awkward locations

East Coast Bee Services provide professional, managed bee hive pollination services.
Our services extend along the Australian East Coast including the Northern NSW, Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Hinterland, Tamborine and Glasshouse mountain regions.

Studies have shown that honey bee pollination is essential for many crops, improving both the quality and quantity of the produce. Our Pollination Services are provided to both large and small scale farmers.
Testimonials from farms using my hives have shown bumper crops and increased yield.

The following table highlights QLD and NSW crops and depicts the benefits of bee pollination.

Almonds1001003 – 5
Apple1001004 – 12.5
Apricot701002 – 5
Avocado1001005 – 8
Macadamia100905 – 7.5
Cherries90902 – 5
Mango90908 – 15
Plum & Prune70702.5 – 8
Pears*50-10050-1002.5 – 5
Peach60602 – 4
Papaya20201 – 2
Citrus*0-80Improve Shape & Size1 – 2
Lemon & Lime20Improve Shape & Size1 – 2
Grapefruit80Improve Shape & Size1 – 2
Mandarin30Improve Shape & Size1 – 2
Oranges30301 – 2
Berry crops1001002.5 – 10
Blueberry1001002.5 – 10
Cucumber1001003 – 4
Squash1001003 – 4
Pumpkin1001003 – 4
Rock Melon1001004 – 6
Water Melon1001005 – 15
Onions1001005 – 10
Broccoli1001005 – 10
Brussel Sprouts1001005 – 10
Cabbage1001005 – 10
Cauliflower1001005 – 10
Beans106 – 10
Carrots1001007 – 8
Celery1001007 – 8
Mustard1001004 – 10
Canola1001004 – 10
Lucerne1001003 – 5
Sunflower1001004 – 6

* Depends on variety Source 1: Crop Pollination Association – www.aussiepollination.com.au Source 2: Pollination Aware: The Real Value of Pollination in Australia (RIRDC Pub. No. 10-081, August 2010) – www.rirdc.gov.au

Are you looking to start your own hobby hive. East Coast Bee Services can provide you with a complete hive, including bee hives, waxed frames and bees. We offer a free to advertise classified section where you can advertise and buy new and used bee equipment.

Need equipment to extract your own honey? Give me a call for advise, equipment hire and extraction services.